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Meet Julia Saar

Transformational Coach & Trainer

NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, 

Theta healing Practitioner.

Welcome dear Butterflies,


Transforming Chaos into Purpose

From the depths of trauma and chaos, I emerged transformed into the person I am today. My journey wasn't just about exploring the realms of NLP, mindfulness, and energy work; I became these tools. I've lived and breathed them, honing my expertise through years of dedicated practice.

My story is one of radical personal transformation. I've journeyed through the darkest valleys of life, learning to navigate the labyrinth of my own traumas and adversities. It was through these trials that I discovered the incredible potential within the human spirit to rise above challenges and redefine our reality.

In 2019, my most profound spiritual awakening opened doors to an even more potent method of breaking free from limiting patterns, beliefs, and emotions. I've since dedicated myself to helping others achieve lasting change by connecting with their higher selves and harnessing the boundless power of the universe.

Picture this: executing your vision with unwavering determination, supported not only by your inner strength but also by the limitless forces of the cosmos. This is the transformative journey I'm here to guide you through, enabling you to embrace your true self, unlock your potential, and design a life that's truly yours.

Welcome to my world, where personal transformation isn't just a concept; it's a way of life. Let's embark on this incredible journey together.

  • Unveiling My Journey: From Darkness to Empowerment
    Hello, dear souls. I am Julia Saar, and I want to share a glimpse into the depths of my being, my roots, so you can truly grasp who I am and where I've come from. I was born in Israel, but my life truly took shape in Australia, where I arrived at the tender age of three. By five, my parents had parted ways, and my father disappeared from our lives. Raised by a mother diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, our childhood was a tumultuous battle. Her recurring suicide attempts led to frequent hospitalizations, creating a haunting pattern that began when I was just eight years old. We survived on welfare in government housing, surrounded by the chaos of a toxic and violent home. At 25, my life seemed adrift, aimless, and far from productive. My formative years were shaped in Redfern, Sydney, a city once deemed one of Australia's "No Go Zones." Redfern was a dangerous place, a hotspot for government housing, crime, drugs, and the harsh realities of life. My father's abandonment at the age of five left a painful void in my heart. We were forbidden to utter the word "daddy"; instead, we were to refer to him as "Avi," per my mother's insistence. I can still hear her thick accent and thunderous voice echoing the words, "Your father never loved you... he's nothing but trouble, a druggie and a criminal. He's dead to us! He's not your father; he's Avi!" My father remained an enigma, an unanswered question that gnawed at me. Life for us was a nightmare, defined by physical abuse at the hands of our mother, witnessing her delusions and hallucinations, and enduring her annual suicide attempts that led to lengthy stays in psychiatric wards. We children learned to fend for ourselves, navigating this surreal twilight zone we called home. My entire childhood was ruled by fear - fear of my mother, fear of the unknown. I had surrendered to the master of fear at a young age, and in doing so, I became everything I had dreaded. I unwittingly mastered the art of manifesting my deepest fears into reality, entangling myself in unhealthy relationships, resorting to violence for respect in my neighborhood, and succumbing to a nine-year battle with addiction. I found myself surrounded by people whose intentions were far from pure, and I was trapped in a cycle of fear. As you can imagine, this environment sapped away my authentic power, leaving me in a vortex of negativity. During my teenage years, spirituality became my guiding light, but emotional, mental, and energy blockages hindered my progress. My spiritual connection to the universe and Mother Earth became my lifeline, helping me battle addiction, depression, traumas, domestic and psychological abuse, sexual abuse, and suicidal attempts - all without external assistance. I transformed from the girl no one cared about to a woman radiating love, grace, and abundance, extending care to all walks of life. As I continued to evolve, I grew more empowered with newfound skills that accelerated my personal awakening. I shifted from the woman who manifested her worst fears to the woman who carved her own path, pursuing her desires with grace and ease. Throughout life, we encounter numerous turning points; they are the essence of personal development. I believe I was blessed with an abundance of life-changing experiences because through suffering, we find opportunities to learn, to grow, and to empower ourselves. Among these experiences, one stands out - a life-threatening moment that altered my course forever. Had I chosen differently, I might not be here today. This turning point, the backbone of my journey, is a story I invite you to explore below. It's a tale that could potentially change your life too.
  • My Journey from the Abyss to Empowerment
    At the age of 25, an encounter with a previously unseen virus plunged me into the darkest chapter of my life. It bore uncanny resemblance to meningitis, with symptoms that could prove fatal within a mere 2 to 3 days if left unchecked. On the second day of its ruthless assault on my body, I found myself in the hospital, teetering on the precipice of death. Before I slipped into a coma, a doctor's somber words cut through the haze of my illness: "Julia, your blood isn't circulating properly, and we have one last option left to try." I was dizzy but conscious enough to comprehend. My trembling voice broke the silence, "Am I going to make it?" The doctor hesitated, gaze fixed on the floor before meeting my eyes with a slight stutter, "We...we hope so." That moment, locked in an intense gaze, felt like the loneliest and coldest of my existence. Two thoughts consumed me. First, the absence of my grandmother, who lived in Israel, but who would have been praying for me had she been here. Even on the brink of death, I couldn't turn to God. I believed God didn't love me; my cries had fallen on deaf ears. Second, the purpose of my existence came in highlight focus. If I succumbed to death now, what had my 25 years achieved? I felt my life held no value, no legacy. These were the last thoughts I remember before drifting into a coma. These questions, probing the depths of authenticity and truth, were left unanswered, as my incomplete spirit ventured into the unknown. Then, a miracle occurred, confounding the doctors. I awoke from my coma, fully recovered. The doctor's words echoed, "Julia, sometimes science can't explain what happens. Your virus has vanished. You are a walking miracle." These words triggered flashbacks of my despair before slipping into unconsciousness. As I was transferred from the ICU ward to another, I retrieved my belongings. My phone rang - it was my grandmother in Israel. She cried, "Why have I been praying for you this past week? What's wrong?" These words echoed my earlier thought, "If only my grandmother were here, she'd pray for me." Could she have sensed my plea? Had she connected with me when I called out for help? Suffering a deep depression after facing death without a support system or love around me, I surrendered to a higher power, a force beyond mere "God." I accepted my lack of control, an inner knowing that encompassed my mind, body, and soul. I raised my hands and cried out to the universe, "Guide me to reassemble the shattered pieces of my life." Life's miracles began unfolding. I boarded a plane to Israel, searching for my father, an inner compulsion. Though I initially focused on a fantasy of finding the missing piece where someone might love me, I knew this journey was necessary. Stepping onto Israeli soil, my life took a dramatic turn. The years of longing for my father collided with the harsh reality of his tragic suicide. It was a painful reckoning, the last scalding trial before my transformation. Facing death head-on was traumatic, yet it became my catalyst for life. It fueled me beyond mere survival, granting strength and willpower to seek answers and live with purpose. I consciously chose to transform every facet of my life, taking full responsibility through personal transformation. I embarked on self-rehabilitation, without therapy, harnessing the power of my own mind to ask questions, piece together the puzzle of my life, and shed what no longer served my purpose. It took time to self-discover and self-heal, embracing not only my 'light' but also my 'shadow.' Now, I offer you a shortcut, a way I wish I had known to save years lost to distractions and needless suffering.
  • Transforming Lives through Mindset and Energy
    My unwavering belief lies in unraveling the mysteries of the human mind, all while remaining deeply attuned to the energies of Mother Earth, the influence of a higher power, and the unseen forces that envelop us. With a life journey enriched by personal missteps and awe-inspiring breakthroughs, I've cultivated a profound understanding of the conscious and subconscious mind. I've harnessed this knowledge, combined with insights into the realms of energies, intuition, and inspiration, to guide individuals in unlocking their highest potential. Together, we work on rewiring thought patterns, reshaping behaviors, and achieving mastery of the self. This process empowers you to chart a course toward a new life filled with abundance and success. My holistic approach encompasses all four dimensions of human existence. I've fused diverse methodologies, including NLP, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Phototherapy, Thetahealing, Energy Medicine, and more, into a singular method I've coined "Breakthrough Transformational Therapy ™." Within this transformative process, we dismantle limiting beliefs and traumatic barriers that obstruct your path to abundance. Central to my methodology is the recognition that success and abundance begin with the right mindset. I'm here to show you how to cultivate this mindset, one that resonates with the frequencies of success and prosperity. My approach is both simple and efficient, ensuring that even moments of discomfort become powerful catalysts for lasting change. If pain does arise, rest assured, it will be the very last time you encounter that pain for that specific pain point on your journey to success and abundance.
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