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Turn Your Goals Into Reality

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

We live in a time that the world is changing so quickly, and we were never truly taught how to merge with the changes around us. So the better we truly know ourselves, the less we can fear change.

The less we fear change; the better equipped we are to deal with anything life throws our way.

The better equipped that we are; the more empowered we become.

When you break it down to the micro details, everything we do in life in the end, is to make choices that are based on the question "Who am I?"

So what happens when we have a past that has engraved a mark on who we have become today, and it is a mark that is not serving us productively anymore?

My coaching is not about reliving the pain of the past, but rather to take away the barriers your past created as your reality; today.

When we feel that life has hurt us or taken from us, our ego takes over to try to regain a sense of control. When we realize the control is not with us, we get to a point where we are stuck. We struggle to make any decisions, to move forward, we seem to lose our way in communication - everything stops moving.

Being stuck is not part of our natural way of being! It is not how you were born and it is not how you are meant to be now.

Just like nature is always moving, so must we. Otherwise we not only stay stuck and nothing develops. Leaves and fruits fall of the trees, and new ones flourish. The rivers flow down the stream, the animals migrate from place to place with the seasons, nature is always moving... and so must we.

Sometimes, what we are missing to move forward, and gracefully, are few tools to get us to where we want or need to be. Tools that will help you to bypass the logic, and all those psychological defenses that you have inbuilt in order to protect yourself, so that you can touch on significant issues in your way, in an effective way.

Based on the tools and methods I use (which i will give to you so you can use on yourself, or even with clients if you work with people yourself) you will be able to peel away the layers, enter your deep truth, your "real" truth, so you can easily identify the real barriers affecting the situation, and what is really stopping it from being resolved. Then you have the resources to build a bridge to resolve any issues, and bottom line...

You will discover that you have implement permanent change in your life!

You will enter high states of consciousness, and tap into your own inner knowing, where you can feel confident to trust in yourself to take any actions, or make any decisions, easily and with grace.

Dear butterflies, prepare yourself from now; life will not look the same for you again.

Use tools and diverse approaches that unlock deep conscious and subconscious patterns, verbal and non verbal methods. Your journey can be very deep, yet extremely light. Intense, yet gentle and very empowering.

If you are asking yourself questions such as;

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

What am i missing?

Why am I unable to manifest what i want?

Why is this happening to me?

Consider asking yourself:

What makes me do what I do?

What makes me respond the way I do?

What really holds me back and deprives me from moving forward?

How do I undo what I have created in my minds, so that I can move towards solutions rather than be stuck in the problems?

Precious butterflies, you can control, and create exactly how you think or feel.

I will help guide you to refine and transform your thoughts, behaviors, your belief system from the inside out, unconsciously and consciously, so that you can become your true authentic amazing self.

You will soon become completely dependent on no one else but yourself!

Elevate your life today, and make the decision to claim your power back, and take your life back into your own hands.

It really is very simple. As i explain in depth in my book "It's that Simple" which will be released December 30th 2020.

Written by Julia Saar ©

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