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How To Remove Your Own Limiting Beliefs

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Beliefs can be your limiting destruction, or infinite creation!

To transform your life and move towards your dreams, requires you to erase your limiting beliefs, heal all your memories, so you can recreate your beliefs!

First you create your beliefs, then your beliefs create you.

A limiting belief is something you believe to be true, that limits you in some way. Beliefs have the power to create, and the same equal power to destroy! Yet most of the time, beliefs have more of a negative impact on your life. All of us, throughout our early childhood start to develop our own belief system, most of which is all created on an unconscious level. More important than that, it is “outside” influences which lead our “internal” processing to these “limiting beliefs” which we then imprint to be as “truth” as our own beliefs. Same experience, different response, why? Have you ever asked yourself, when two people have the same experience, why don't they have the same response? The answer is actually a very simple one, because our brain processes information with a very specific internal communication pattern. The way our internal communication model works, is that as the data enters our minds, it goes through a filtering system which will delete, distort and generalize the information that comes in from our senses, based on few filters, such as, belief systems, values, decisions, and memories. What does this mean? When we experience a specific event, the external event travels through our sensory, and we run that event through our own personal internal processing, which is through internal pictures, sounds and feeling, that is all connected to our own past experiences, thoughts and beliefs, which then lead us and create a specific “state”. Through this internal communication process, our mind goes through a specific filtering, where we delete some information, distort some information, and we generalize the information in accordance to our own personal beliefs and perceptions. Then we conclude – and it is our internal representation that puts us in a specific “state”. A specific point of view with a whole bunch of emotions and energies attached to it. So now that you understand how your internal communication functions, we can dive deeper now into limiting beliefs and memories. What exactly is a limiting belief? A limiting belief is something you believe to be true that limits you in some way. Especially understanding that as children, they start to develop their conscious mind from the age of 6 or 7. Before this age, they are mainly functioning on their subconscious mind. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination, so when outside influences speak to them, they take it as a reality, to be true. For example – when I was a little child, my sister and I saved for months to get our mother a bunch of roses for her birthday. We positioned the roses in a glass vase on the kitchen table to surprise her. When my mother walked into the kitchen and saw the roses, she became instantly furious and picked up the vase and smashed it against the wall and yelled “don’t ever bring me flowers”. I gently replied in sadness and fear “but mum, we got this for you to show you our love for you”, and she yelled back “Love, what love? Love that dies. The love dies with the flowers”

From this one experience, my internal communication model took that data, filtered it, distorted it, and generalized the information to my past experiences and current one, my values and beliefs, and I created a limiting belief that flowers are bad. I didn’t like flowers around me, or even in pictures. A gift of flowers from someone meant to me that their love is temporary. And throughout all my dating years, even until I married my husband, it was a “one time” negative experience any time a man bought me flowers, as they all learned super-fast to never make the mistake of buying me flowers again. Other examples of limiting beliefs may be like: “I am not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough…” “I am never lucky, so why bother” “I am going fail” “people might think I am …” Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, is this belief I have even true?” Have you ever…

· Passed your control to others to decide for you, because you doubt yourself? · Sat silently afraid of sounding dumb if you shared your thoughts or idea? · Walk away from any opportunity because you questioned your ability? · Been jealous or angry about another person’s successes? · Wondered if you’ll never amount to anything significant as you are not as good as “they” are? If you answered “yes” to some of those common situations, then you have self-limiting beliefs. Since we are always deleting, distorting, and generalizing information, our every experience is something that we literally create inside our own head. What we believe to be reality is not the literal reality at all, it is the experience that we “believe” to be our reality. I know this gets’ deep and I’m only touching the surface right now. What this means is that because of our own representation of the world, based on our past experiences, our values and our beliefs, we continue to grow our belief system based on this data. When here is the punchline, in the end of the day it is nothing but data! There is nothing ever wrong with you, there never was. Everything about you is perfect. There is only something wrong with the data. The information that came in and got distorted, deleted and generalized along the way, in accordance to your own representations of the world. Data that is based on only 5-9 bits of information the human mind can only handle at any given time, where the subconscious handles infinite information. Infinite memories! So how do you feel about basing your opinions, and your beliefs on 5-9 bits of information, as oppose to millions of millions of information and data per second that you cannot see, or hear, or touch, but your subconscious does? It is crazy to admit being a servant to limited data, right? In fact, you are punishing and slaving, and trapping yourself by doing that. So all you need to do, is learn how to communicate with your subconscious, and redirect it to the path you want it to go. It is that simple. So how do we transform limiting beliefs? I can eliminate your limiting beliefs in less than an hour by communicating to your subconscious. However how do we communicate with ourselves so that we can first identify, and then delete or re frame our beliefs. Well there is no short cut to this. Honestly, you do not want a shortcut. Since we know that our beliefs have the power to create, and just as much equal power to destroy, you want to learn how to be become conscious enough of yourself so that you can eliminate any access points of self-destruction. For you to identify any limiting beliefs inside yourself, you start by becoming aware of yourself and your behaviors. How you think, how you feel. Self-awareness will help you to stay on top of yourself to identify your patterns. First: Make a list of areas in your life that you feel unhappy with, or needs modifying in some way, yet you have not yet taken the steps to do so. Where are your results not in alignment with what you really want or have? As is most likely, in these areas you will find a limiting belief lurking around. As most of the time, your behavior, or lack of your behavior, is a clear indicator of your limiting beliefs. For example: you may be unhappy with your weight. Yet you have not taken the steps to do anything about it. Second: you want to identify what beliefs you think might be holding you back. For example: “I’ve tried everything, nothing works.” Or “Dieting means suffering” Take the time and write it down and write as many negative beliefs that you can identify. Maybe even list them in order from most damaging to least damaging, or most negative to you, to least negative. Investigate your own thoughts and emotions Note: Anything you say to yourself to justify why it isn’t working out for you is a limiting belief. Third: Read the beliefs to yourself out loud and ask yourself, “consider what it would be like if that thought was not true.” Seriously sit with yourself and write down thoughts and feeling of what it would be like, feel like, look like, if that thought were not to be true. Do you really know that this belief is true? For example: have you really tried everything? What is your definition of suffering? What is your definition of diet? Consider whether the source of your belief, is even a valid one. Take note, FOR SURE you probably can come up with lots of evidence supporting your original belief, as you created it, so give yourself the chance just consider… your belief is not true, Fourth: Find some reasons and examples why this limiting belief is false. This is where you look from the opposite side. For example: “I haven’t really tried everything” or “I don’t have enough resources to know the diets I have done really work” Keep searching for reasons as to why the limiting belief is false, until you start to get a sense of doubt on your original limiting belief. Start to research the topic, look for more data that can help you to confirm that your belief is false. This process is part of your healing. Ask yourself “Imagine how much your life would change if you didn’t have this belief anymore.” Fifth: Create a new belief. This should be the opposite of your limiting belief. Beliefs that are aligned with what you actually want. For example: “I found a new diet and this time it is working” or “I eat healthy food and lose weight easily” Then find examples to support your new belief. Maybe through your research you discover that documenting all your food or taking photos and sending them to someone you trust can help support you and keep you on track. Maybe you find a new diet that you have not tried before. Sixth: Question yourself for several days about this belief For example: How do I feel about my new belief today? How do I feel about my old belief? Check to see how your behavior might be changing. As when your beliefs change, the way you behave and feel also changes. The secret is to go beyond just saying it. You want to really step into the new belief, to truly feel it. Seventh: Take action that is in alignment with your new belief For example: If you really eat healthy food, what will you put in your grocery cart? Repeat the same process of the steps to be sure that you have re-framed the belief. Go back to the list of negative or damaging beliefs from step 2 and repeat the process all the way down If you avoid taking any steps based on your new belief, you will just head right back to your old limiting belief. Acting, will help lock in your new un-limiting beliefs. Your first action step doesn’t have to be huge or perfect, just headed in the right direction. An additional tip that we will discuss in greater depths in another time, is to invite mindfulness into your life. The more you learn to connect with your highest self, the more “inner knowing” you will have and the easier and more precise self-healing will be. That once you become more connected and mindful, this whole process will be done almost immediately and unconsciously. It will run in automatic. That is how powerful your mind is, when you connect, your mind, body and soul with the divine. A single limiting belief could have prevented you from seeing many opportunities, and maybe even discouraged you from trying at all!

Beliefs can be your limiting destruction, or infinite creation! Written by Julia Saar©

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