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How to Master Personal Development and Provoke Results

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Learn the real essence of Personal Development, and how to achieve your highest potential. By connecting to your subconscious "your highest self", you can remove any limiting beliefs, re-frame your beliefs, and make permanent change.

What really is Personal Development?

Personal development means to grow with permanent change within your mind, within your body and within your soul. But what does that really mean and how do we really do that? My way of developing, and helping others to develop themselves, is by using a mix of many diverse approaches that have been proven by “excellence in results” whilst practiced by the most intelligent psychologists, therapists, spiritual philosophers and research by neuroscience. According to recent studies and research, it is now understood that to master Personal development, it involves a mix of a few works, neuroscience, the conscious mind, the subconscious, human behavior and development, and spirituality. So let’s take it a step deeper so that I am not dishing you up with a generic response. So what is Personal Development?

Personal development means to grow by making permanent change within your mind, within your body and within your soul.” To me, personal development is a very diverse range of our human potential. You see, in order to truly develop, the first step is to identify how you as an individual function in the way you think, feel and make decisions. What is your dominant representational system and motivators? Are you more a visual person, more Kinesthetic (feeling) based, or more auditory dominant? We as humans are inbuilt with many multiple intelligence that motivates, or even controls our entire personal development, as each “intelligence” has its own range of human potential, and its own way of processing information. Harvard Development psychologist Dr. Howard Gardner developed the “multiple intelligence theory” back in 1983, where he suggests that basing human intelligence on IQ testing is far too limited, and suggests rather, that humans have 8 different intelligence that motivate human potential.

· Linguistic intelligence (word smart) · Logical-mathematical intelligence (number - reasoning smart) · Spatial intelligence (picture smart) · Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence (body smart) · Musical intelligence (music smart) · Interpersonal intelligence (people smart) · Interpersonal intelligence (self-smart) · Naturalist intelligence (nature smart)

What does it mean to have 8 different intelligence that motivate human potential? The overall global aspect of this theory means, that every human being has his or her own unique way of learning and developing. That the theory of multiple intelligence is to show that people learn in a variety of different ways, such as numbers, pictures, words, music, physical movement, and even being in tuned with nature. All of which by the way, is learning styles that you just don’t learn in the old fashioned or traditional educational ways. Now although this knowledge has been exposed to the world for decades, many of us are only catching up now, understanding that all areas equally, our mind, our body and our soul must shift in parallel to each other in order to truly transition. So now that we understand the core of the starting process to development, let’s continue our focus on the true meaning of personal development. With Personal Development, it is important to understand the difference between “feeling” you are developing, and “thinking” you are developing in personal growth What do I mean by this? I would like to first clarify that when I talk of Personal development, I am not referring to the typical “generic” side of development, like soft, hard skills, technical skills, or any skill that anyone can simply learn at any given time frame. I’m also not talking about the Intellect, as the intellect in all truth is just knowledge, and although knowledge plays a significant role in development, knowledge too, is something that anyone can learn as well. I rather put heightened focus on the gateway to change; in ways of thinking and ways of behaving. Which is controlled by your best friend Mr or Mrs subconscious! Everybody has “patterns of behavior” that they would like to change, and many are prepared to put in a lot of hard work and dedication to change their behaviors. Yet in order to change these behaviors, you need to remove the habits controlling these behaviors, to “break the patterns” that disrupting the flow and not serving you for the best of yourself. But how can one find them when you cannot see them, or even aware of their existence? What am I talking about? In most cases, when we have journeyed through hard efforts and strengths to better ourselves, we can find ourselves having done absolutely everything in our conscious power, to grow, to learn, to modify ourselves to what we believe to be bettering and “developing” ourselves, yet over time, we start to notice that old ways of behaving begin to surface again, interrupting your behavior, or way of thinking. Have you ever asked yourself, why that is? It is natural to feel confused at this point, as in your logical way of thinking, your intellect is saying, “I know what needs to be done here, I understand it, I have done it and I am even still doing it, yet somehow, I cannot seem to rid myself of the hidden “control panel” if you will, that seem to control my internal process.” For example, I can give you one thousand different fantastic and result proven models that work, yet, don’t be perceived by “time and effort” because usually, the right way, and the only way, is the simplest and easiest way. You see, to follow the models on a conscious level is the hard part, it’s the part that requires practice and repetition in order to Master it, and that is a significant and relevant part of the processes, no doubt! Yet then when you do master it, why it is still not permanent change? Because the part of the brain that is actually the most easiest part to train, or better said, to program, or reprogram, which is the subconscious, is the part of the mind that has the absolute control on all of your internal processes, that you cannot see, or modify, or delete – unless you learn how to communicate with it. So, the reason why old behaviors are coming back to life, and change is not permanent, is because the patterns haven’t truly been broken. The old data has not been deleted. This is usually because of “old habits” that are holding your back. The “old habits” that need to be, not hardwired, but rather just deleted, otherwise you will never be able to break the patterns, because this all happening on a complete subconscious level. There is no such thing as intellect or logic when it comes to breaking patterns or rewiring your subconscious. I can use logic and intellect to explain to you that breaking a pattern is all about “seeing from a new or different perspective” yet how your subconscious is processing and deleting the data is something that until today cannot be scientifically proven and that is, in my opinion, the only reason studies like NLP, and most nontraditional educational methods, are not academically recognized. It's just the way the subconscious and conscious work. The proof is in the results! So, using every conscious models and techniques in the world, will only every get part of the job done. The sooner you understand and accept that there is no such thing as logic or intellect when it comes breaking patterns, the sooner you will be on the road to healing and personal development, fast! What is the true essence of Personal Development? True personal development is not controlled by logic or Intellect. In fact, there is no room for logic in the deep essence of personal development. Personal Development is a part of reconnecting to your highest self. Connecting to the Divine (if you want to take it even deeper but let’s keep this specific reading simple) So rather It’s an “inner knowing” that this specific form of evolving is for you, and your path. It feels exactly like an intuition. This is why, experiential learning is vital to inner growth and permanent change. You intuitively know and understand what you are developing and evolving into. Who you are developing into, or on an even deeper level, returning to who you really are! As the you that you are now, or the you that you where before – is not and was not ever the real you. The real you, is on a challenging journey to discover itself and resurrect itself. This by the way, is why you have that pulling feeling inside of you for personal development. You are on a mission to find your authentic self. You are on a mission to find your way home. Your communication with your subconscious mind, is consistently being guarded, and even blocked by the limitations of your conscious mind! So back to the essence of Personal development, it is when you your mind actually makes a shift in the way it thinks, a shift in the way it behaves, your heart makes a shift in how it feels and how it loves. I’ll mention that all of this happens almost immediately, and when it does, then there is no turning back. Once you truly develop, it is programmed in you, and life is never the same again, on the brighter and more beautiful scale of things. Then you can be ready to learn the mastery of manifestation. Once you reach this state of mind, you become a consistent self-transforming human being, where you can invite wisdom and deep insights into your life naturally, and immediately, where you will easily evolve to working on your mind, body and soul on a deep psychological and unconscious level, and this is where your spirituality can truly present itself to you at its deepest form. This is where you can flow with the universe and the universe will manifest your every need, supporting you everywhere you go. According to recent studies and research, it is now understood that to master Personal development, it involves a mix of a few works, neuroscience, the conscious mind, the subconscious, human behavior and development, and spirituality. Finally, the rest of the world is catching up! Written by Julia Saar ©

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