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Discover the simple secret to permanent change.
It is Simple, Fast, Empowering, and almost painless, and if you do feel some hurt, it will be the LAST TIME you will ever feel that intensity of pain again!

What if your dream life is only one decision away?


Maybe you are a successful coach looking to amplify results for your clients, maybe you are a new or aspiring coach looking to create an impact, or maybe you are simply someone ready to get out of your own way and claim the life you deserve to live and only ever dreamed of.

You have ALL the resources you need.


What is missing most of the time, is a few simple tools, a little bit of knowledge, and proven methods that eliminate the guesswork of activating your inner superpowers.​

Peel away the layers to identify the real barriers in your path, and break free of any patterns or limiting beliefs that are no longer serving your purpose.

  • What makes us do what we do? 

  • What makes us respond the way we do?

  • What really holds us back and deprives us from moving forward?

  • How do we undo what we have created in our minds, so that we can move towards our solutions rather than be stuck in the problems?

I created my own method to help you to make a true transformation called

Breakthrough Transformation ™  

Many of my clients are from all over the world, so my sessions can be through Skype or Zoom. I do not use the phone, as I believe it is important for us to see each other and really connect to each other’s energy.

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

Layer 1: Breakthrough Transformation ™

Overcome Anxiety, Stress, Traumas, Phobias, Relationships, and all unhealthy patterns or behaviors

Life Coaching can help you to create a life by creation, rather than default.  If you are ready to identify and overcome any pain, limitations, or self-sabotage, to create an empowering vision for your future, set action plans, achieve your highest potential, then Life Coaching could be the start of a new turning point in your life.

Image by Jared Rice

 Layer 2: Breakthrough Transformation ™

Health and Well being, Self-Discovery, Self-worth, Life Purpose, Spiritual Awakening, Connecting with your Highest Self and higher power.

Purpose is paramount to achieving your dreams. Learn how to connect to your mind, body, soul and higher power to "resurrect" your true self & develop that winning mind-set and heart-set to create the successful and happy life you want.

Transformational & spiritual awakening is not just working on an existing problem. It is cleaning up all mental, emotional and energy blockages and  your way of life – making you more connected, in alignment, and able to make the best decisions for you path, every time.

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