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Breakthrough Transformation ™ Level 1

Overcome Anxiety, Stress, Traumas, Phobias, Relationships, and all unhealthy patterns or behaviors

Transformation is not about reliving the pain of the past,

but rather to take away the barriers your past created as your reality.


Sometimes when we get stuck in life, we are fast to blame someone, something or some limitation. Yet in truth, as uncomfortable as it may be or feel to hear or know this, it is never actually because we are held back by anyone else or anything. In truth it is always because, we are held back by something within us, that has been a creation from within ourselves.

From our own thoughts, our own emotions, and our own energies.


Yet because these things are happening silently in the back ground from consciousness, we struggle to see that this really exists. 

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

Science has proven a long time ago, that we as human beings are made up of matter, energy and emotions. So in order to truly change and develop, there is a very simple process not just to follow, but to live by as a way of life. Methods and processes that they do not teach you in modern education.

What’s included:

  • One 60 minute Zoom Introductory Coaching Session to clarify and zoom in on your unique needs and priorities for coaching. (on zoom if you are abroad)

  • Six face to face 90 minute to 120 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions (on zoom if you are abroad)

  • 12 weeks of WhatsApp support for ongoing accountability and in-the-moment-coaching

  • Exercises and activities to reinforce mindset & heart set between sessions

  • Receive several Mini-Courses Ebook and Printed version, all of which we learn of as we go

  • Your own personalized mediation for your highest priority

  • 1 follow up 30-minute Zoom session after you have completed the journey

What we will cover:

Get super clear on your goals and destination you wish to arrive to

Clear the data (mental-emotional, energy traumas, and blockages)

Modify, reframe and reprogram your mind & body

Releasing limiting beliefs and replace with expanding beliefs that lead your life

Unpack and heal emotional traumas and blocks that create repeating patterns

Set healthy boundaries with yourself and those around you

See from a new perspective, Polish your self-awareness, Take action confidently and effortlessly

Meet your true authentic self, and understand the difference between living through your ego,

or your higher self

Enter higher states of consciousness and tap into your own inner knowing

Accelerate your spiritual connection with your higher self and

higher power and awaken your intuition

Arrive at your destination

You are now ready for your awakening transformation to connect with the higher power that is co-creating with us, and protecting us every step of the way.


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