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Your highest level of intuition 

What if your Vision is only one decision away?


Maybe you are a successful entrepreneur looking to improve the results for your clients, maybe you are a coach or healer looking to make a bigger impact in the world, maybe you want a lifestyle and business that is in alignment with your highest purpose, and now you are ready to master your energy and execute your higher vision to make the impact you were put here to do.

You have ALL the resources you need within you.


What is missing most of the time, is a few simple tools, a little bit of knowledge, and proven methods that eliminate the guesswork of activating your energy, expanding your soul gifts, Embody your Inner Genius, Wealth, and Health Energetic Vibration.​

I created my own method to help you make a true transformation called Breakthrough Transformation ™


Create powerful transformations in every area of life with this simple, step-by-step method. When you address each of these areas using proven methodologies and techniques, the impact you can achieve is infinite.


I will guide you as well as teach you easy tools and methods, and a simple language that you will become fluent in. Eventually, you will depend only on yourself to get you through any challenges, and to arrive at your desired destination, EVERY TIME. 

My Process is also very intuitive. I use Intuitive Insight, where my job is to step out of the way and let Intuition take over at different moments. We don’t always use logic to figure things out, as in some traditional therapy. Through our energy and quantum healings, I channel directly with your higher self and my higher self.


I use a mix of several diverse approaches and methods such as:

Life Coaching | NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) | Photo-therapy | Mindfulness | Neuroscience | Energy medicine | Connection to the Quantum Field | Intuitive insights

Working through:

Conscious | Subconscious | Higher Self | Higher Power

We will work on the 4 Dimensions of Human Connection: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Energy 

Release deep-rooted beliefs, change your beliefs and perceptions from this life and past lives.

Release limiting emotions, transmute energy blocks from past wounds & past lives

Expand your connection to your higher self & soul purpose

Activate your inner genius & Expand your soul gifts

Master your personal energy & the highest level of Intuition

Embrace Universal energy to work for you and through you to create in the quantum field

Master your Energy to match new potentials in the quantum field 

Using the mind & emotions to create in the quantum field

Transform money or success blocks & Embody your Wealth frequency

Become a Magnetic Leader & Quantify your Impact

All of my packages are for the woman who is prepared to embark on a journey to discard parts of herself and strengthen her connection with her higher self - You should be open to being committed to learning new things and stepping into the unknown.

Breakthrough Transformation ™
"Quantum Leadership Activation"

12 coaching zoom meetings or face-to-face 90-180 min 1:1

Joyously own your power of creation guided by your higher self so you can live your higher purpose with precise clarity and confidence  

Free yourself and access your highest level of intuition and feel liberated by knowing how to go inwards for the answers and solutions

Expansion of your mind & your soul gifts and know just how powerful you are

Become empowered with unwavering love & trust in yourself and the universe

Step into the Abundant & Genius YOU making powerful changes and impact in the world, executing your higher vision.

Master the power of your energy and invite limitless amounts of love, success, joy, freedom, money, endless appreciation and become that magnetic leader you were born to be.

What’s included:

  • One zoom or face-to-face 90-minute Introductory Coaching Session to clarify and zoom in on your unique needs and priorities for coaching. 

  • Twelve zoom or face to face 1.5 - 3 hours 1:1 Coaching Sessions over 12 weeks

  • 12 weeks of WhatsApp support for ongoing accountability and in-the-moment-coaching

  • Exercises and activities to reinforce mindset & heart set between sessions

  • Receive your own personalized mediation for your highest priority

  • Receive your own Mind Movie specifically created to draw in the vision of your future

  • 1 follow up 90 minute Zoom session after you have completed the journey

All 1:1 coaching program are customized to your unique situation and needs. Our time together is all about doing what works best for you!

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