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If you are asking yourself questions such as;

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

What am I missing?

Why am I unable to create the life that I want?

How can I make meaningful contribution to the world that is of value?

Get excited, because now is where you begin to realize, that you were born perfect, and you can create your future and happiness.


You do NOT need to change yourself, you do NOT need to create yourself. 

What you will do is recover your true self, resurrect your authentic self.

What you need to create is your Path, and what needs to change is your thinking. 

Breakthrough  Transformation ™ Level 2

Health and Well being, Self-Discovery, Self-worth, Life Purpose, Connecting with your Highest Self and the creator of all that is.
Image by Jared Rice

True Personal Development and Transformation is about moving through levels of consciousness. It is about 

  • Mastering your awareness,

  • Knowing your mind and having the power to change it

  • Being 100% responsible, and

  • Surrendering to a power that is greater than yourself.

  • Knowing how you are Creating your Reality


This is how you become your own true source of power to self-healing and even the healing of others.

Become one with the higher power and co-create your reality and your mental, emotional and physical healings

It really is that simple, and I will prove it to you. This will become your new profound way of life. Life will never be the same for you again!


What’s included:

  • One face-to-face 90-minute Introductory Coaching Session to clarify and zoom in on your unique needs and priorities for coaching. (on zoom if you are abroad)

  • Nine face to face 90 minute to 120 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions (on zoom if you are abroad)

  • 18 weeks of WhatsApp support for ongoing accountability and in-the-moment-coaching

  • Exercises and activities to reinforce mindset & heart set between sessions

  • Receive several Mini-Courses Ebook and Printed version, all of which we learn of as we go

  • Your own personalized mediation track for your highest priority

  • Your own Mind Movie specifically created to manifest your reality fast 

  • 1 follow up 30-minute Zoom session after you have completed the journey

What we will cover:

Get super clear on your goals and destination you wish to arrive to

Clear the data (mental-emotional, energy traumas, and blockages)

Modify, reframe and reprogram your mind & body

Releasing limiting beliefs and replace with expanding beliefs that lead your life

Unpack and heal emotional traumas and blocks that create repeating patterns

Set healthy boundaries with yourself and those around you

See from a new perspective, Polish your self-awareness, Take action confidently and effortlessly

Meet your true authentic self, and understand the difference between living through your ego,

or your higher self


Enter higher states of consciousness and tap into your own inner knowing


Step out of the shadows and into the light (shadow work)

Have a conversation with your inner child

Walk the steps of your awakening, accelerate your spiritual connection with your higher self and

higher power and awaken your intuition

Gain clarity on your life purpose, become clear on your vision, mission, and values,

refine and Imprint your values

Master the Art of Manifestation

Walk the path... you are free. You are found​


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