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What is Breakthrough Transformation™

& Activate Your Intuition
Align with The 4 Dimensions of Human Connection:
Physical - Emotional - Mental - Energy 
A mix of methodologies :
NLP | Phototherapy | Neuroscience | Quantum healing,
Energy medicine | Mindset |Intuitive insights.

Ask Yourself

  • What impact are you making in the world, and do you want to quantify that?

  • What are you missing for you to be where you want to be personally & professionally?

  • What is holding you back from achieving your highest vision?

  • Are ready to go all the way to make significant and permanent changes in the way you control your emotions & energy?

Know you can:

  • Take action

  • Break any patterns

  • Change your way of thinking or behaving

  • Master your Energy

  • Access your highest level of intuition

  • Activate your inner genius

  • Increase your confidence & strengthen your connection to your higher self

  • Live your vision and higher purpose

  • Manifest and create your reality

Meet Julia

I'm a Transformation Life Coach, Energy Activator mentor, Facilitator, NLP Master, Energy Healer, & Intuitive. I help visionaries reach the peak of their highest potential, cultivate abundant freedom and an uncompromised life.  

Honor Your Purpose.

Your new life of meaning and purpose is so close.

My mission is to show you how easily you can make permanent changesImagine how it would feel to wake up every day, knowing without an inch of a doubt, that you can do anything.

I have designed my Transformation approach to not only give you the support and guidance you need, yet to also provide you with the tools which will help carry you to your destination.

Sometimes we get so distracted from the data in our lives, that we may get stuck in a situation, and struggle to find a way out. We can't make decisions, communicate clearly,  fear takes over us, we cannot control our reactions and emotions.


Most of the time, all you are missing are a few tools & methods, and a mindset & heartset that can lead you to overcome any obstacles and to recognize just how amazing and powerful you are.

Since my most powerful spiritual awakening in 2019, it had awakened a power within me to activate others, mentally emotionally, physically, and spiritually; to help them step into their highest potential and live an uncompromised life with meaning and purpose.

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This is how you will transform

 Self Awareness; Mastering the Mind, Body & Energy

Breaking Patterns

Limiting Beliefs, Energy Healing, Self Transformation

Reprogram the Mind & the Body

Spiritual Awakening

Activate Intuition & Manifestation

Marble Surface

You are not a magician! You are a part of the source of creation of all that is.

You are a Creator.

The sooner you get that, the faster you will

open your heart to the power of creation.

“What I experienced with Julia has changed my life. She helped me uncover blocks and beliefs that held me back in my business. I began to see positive changes from our first meeting. I was skeptical at first, but today I know your methods are the real deal. ”

- Ortal Negev

“Through this process, I discovered my unique intuitive talent, and am now a certified Theta Healer. I went from being a legal secretary to being on disability for 18 years, to now almost fully self-healed myself, and dedicating every day of my life to healing others. 

- Mirav Klumek

“Julia's helped me overcome trauma that I suffered with for years. In a matter of few sessions she helped me to free myself from my "self-sabotaging" way of life and I discovered my higher purpose and how to make my dream real. 

- Dana Willson

Marble Surface

If you can Transform your mental & emotional state, your energy will follow. Then you can change the conditions of your life

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